Singapore Lange@Bishan Student Homestay(EIHS063) $1400-$250

Lange@Bishan homestay is customised for international students in Singapore high-end community to provide quality boarding. Our mission is to provide a safe, conducive learning environment for our students and help them in achieving academic excellence.

Service Content:



Accommodation arrangements and airport pick up



Assist in handling student pass collection, opening bank account, transport card and so on.


· Wake up service

· Daily healthy meals

· Daily laundry

· Daily housekeeping

· 24 hours water heater

· CCTV in public areas

· Daily guardianship and supervision of students

· Timely report to parents regarding child's learning situation

· 11pm curfew

· Cultivate students' learning autonomy and enthusiasm

· Emergency medical arrangement measures and medical treatment of major diseases

· Desk, wardrobe, bed, 24 hour air conditioning, wireless internet

· Futher education and school counseling

· Tuitor arrangement

At present our homestay's daily routine is as follows:

1) Daily breakfast and dinner, three meals a day for holidays and weekends.

Breakfast is a variety of porridge, pickles, bread, jams, milk, juice, cheese, eggs, sausages, buffet style so far.

Lunch and dinner, the basic mix is ​​two dirty, two prime, a soup, fruit.


2)Daily schedule:

Provide breakfast every morning and then go to school.

5:30 pm dinner.

7:00 to 9:00 there is a teacher supervision for student's evening study.

After 9 o'clock, you can continue to learn, or downstairs gym, swimming pool, tennis and other recreational facilities to their own activities.

Must go home before 10:30 pm. There will be a teacher to check on all students.

11 pm must go back to sleep, unless student needs to catch up with their homework.


3) There will be housekeeping; tidying beds; help students with laundry; and deliver back to their rooms. Students themselves need to wash their own underwear, socks and shoes.


4) Room management model: bedroom is only for resting and sleeping. There is no desk in rooms to avoid students using computer over midnight. The living room has 24 hours infrared monitoring for us to monitor student's learning and to prevent any student to sneak out late at night, playing computer in the middle of the night or any other bad behavior.


5) During the weekend and holidays, the teacher will organize students for group activities.


We currently have seven full-time teachers and four full-time workers to take care of the children's living.


We will provide new sets of necessities for our new student: bed sheets, pillowcases, buckwheat pillow, protective pad, wash baskets (bathing supplies), small wash basins (wash underwear socks), small hanger (cool underwear socks).

Recommendation ratings

Monthly Rates

Room Type

6 months contract

12 months contract










Triple room with attached toilet




*In addition to the above fees, a one-month deposit  is required and there is a one-time non-refundable registration fee of S $ 168.

Contract less than six-month requires an additional 10% service charge.

The location of Singapore Lange@Bishan Student Homes

The boarding fee includes:


· Student guardianship

· Airport pick up

· Air conditioning, desk, wardrobe, lockable lockers and wireless internet

· Utilities included

· Wake up service

· Daily meals

· Housekeeping, washing clothes

· Two hours per night supervising evening study, except holidays

· Communicate with parents

· Student emergency arrangement

· Visit local international schools and arrange admission tests

· Future school and school counseling

· Any student who violates Singapore law or school expulsion, Lange service has the right to refuse student retention, in this case, the cost can not be refunded.

· Regular group activities such as cycling, picnics, movies, volleyball, badminton, barbecue and so on

Surrounding colleges
Near schools And Traffic
School Bus Required time Station
Raffles Institute Walk 10 mins
Spring International College(Bishan) Walk 7 mins
Guangyang Primary School Walk 7 mins
Stamford American International School School Bus 9 mins
Sanyu Adventist School 56,57 16 mins
Nanyang Polytechnic 50 20 mins
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