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Singapore EI Holdings is the pioneerin Singapore web portal , committed to promote and develop Singapore education, immigration, local real estate, tourism and food industries and other industries, is a leadingportal information siteservice in China and globalIt also built a communication and cooperation bridge for China and the world.

Inherited the company's service concept , www.65house.com provide the latest fastest most comprehensive apartment information for white-collar workers and for international students in Singapore!  We offers a variety of accommodation options for both long-term or short-term residents, you can choose according to roomtypes; Prices; Environmentor locations, student hostels including Katong, Pearl Hill, Queenstown, Braddell, EN, Aljunied, and so on.

Inheriting EI Holdings education consultingbusiness,with accumulation of years of rich experience and professional knowledge for providing customers with the high efficient service, www.eistudy.com professional consulting business for study in Singapore, transferschools, enter a higher school, mother and child accompanyingstudy, tourism visa and etc.  www.eistudy.com has not only soar international professional network of technical team, information gathering team, student services team, etc., not only provides students with efficient services, we provide more. Our professional score prediction and the student to analyze the teacher team, make ourstudent visa success rate raise from 80% to 98%, close to 100%. Eistudy.com leaps will show you an excellence of perfect combination of styleof a traditional education consultingwith internet technology consulting service.You can learn the latest information of Singaporethrough Eistudy.com nomatter where you are in the world.

Inheriting EI Holdings education consultingbusiness, www.zhuanxue.sg professional services for transfer students in Singapore. As a Singapore registere company, we have abundant experience and expertise, we are more a highly efficient team, to provide you with the most efficient transfer service, to help you to easily transfer your ideal school as your request. At the same time, you can get the latest and most accurate Singapore transfer newsat  www.zhuanxue.sg.

im.eistudy.com is a comprehensive new immigrant's information website under Singapore EI Holdings, which provides the latest information on all immigrants in Singapore. As Singapore locally registered company, with a wealth of experience and advantage, Singapore EI Holdings focus to provide the highest quality most efficient Singapore immigration servicesto Chinese customers,to provide supporting Managed agency services as well, so that customers no longer face a variety of business troubles after immigration, Anything can be solved, just give us a call. Such as:property management, rental sales, mail collection, banking, utilities, decoration,furniture, home shopping, ticket booking, Singapore travel arrangements, check the government information and so on. EI Holdings provids full butler style service, to solve all immigration problems.

EI's  history

1,The beginning of 2003, EI Holdings was established in Singapore, the company legally registered in Singapore ACRA, company registration No. is: 200700970D.
2. To better service Chinese compatriots in all the Singapore relevantinformation,EI Holdingsestablishmented China Service Center inChina on the beginning of 2007,
3, 2009, EI Holdings became the first Singapore establishedmultinational companywhich certified both by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore and the Chinese Embassy in Singapore.
4,  Since there are some fraud incidents happened in the China Internet market.  In order to provide apeace of mind of Chinese Internet users, EI Holdings put on records inthe China Industrial and Commercial Bureau in mid-2009. The users can further check the company's reputation accordingly.

5,2010, Singapore, EI Holdingshas won the ACRA Deserved Reputation Certification Certificate.  

Ei Holdings has been working with the various sites, such asbaidu, Google,QQ,Hunan education, Chuguo, alibaba, PConline, Chianedu,sgchinese, the establishment of long-term strategic cooperative partnership, the network covering Singapore, China and the United States, Malaysiaand other countries. Daily IP 65000, 35 million hits daily, global alexa ranking is about 30,000, is the  latest and most comprehensive integrated portal in Singapore currently.

As a leading portalwebsite, with a long-term fixed-accessusers, it is instructive, standardization and professional, have high commercial intrinsic valuein Singapore, it keeps come top among the each kinds of sites in Singapore . We uphold "innovative, professional and comprehensive service"ideasto offer a better platformfor the majority customers.  EI Holdings seems to have become well-known service providers in Singapore, is the best window to show enterprise profile, issue the advanced concepts and technology here.

Why choose EI?

1, More comprehensive - EI Holdingscovers a wide range of overseas education, overseas real estate, overseas migration etc. We do different programs solutions to meet different  requires by customer groups.

2, more professional - EI Holdingsfocus only in Singapore, because specificity, so we become more professional.

3, low cost -- EI Holdings advocates the principle of public feedback, so our charge is budget.  Besides to ensure our service quality, customers saving more costs.

4, cross international company - the headquarters of  EI Holdingsestablished in Singapore, we also established customers service centerin China. customers can enjoy our convenient services, no matter you are in Singaporeor China.

5, one-stop service - EI Holdings operations projects including: Singapore studies abroad (application service and onshore service, transferschools), real estate, and immigration, food services, tourism and so on.

6, team cooperation -EI Holdings technical team - provide a powerful network service support, and constantly improve the quality. Theypursuit of perfect site of actual application!

EI Holdings evaluation team - EI Holdings insist everything must be realistic.each service is tailored for you, the customer experience results in the most perfect.

EI Holdingsnews team - powerful news information gathering, providingourcustomers the fastest, most comprehensive Singapore latest news.

EI Holdings sales team - we have a series of professional personnel,To the interests of its clients as the starting point, providing fast, high quality and efficient professional services.

EI's long-term goal  Aim and idea

Vision :Become the biggest comprehensive Portal-based website in both Singapore and China

Mission: Our mission is to provide the latest the fastest and the most real business news.With our advanced equipment and the high quality service, dedicating to Singapore Internet industry.

Idea: providing the latest  and the most comprehensive information is our mission, to provide interview users the most sincere service.

five authentication information of study abroad website

Students can take the following ways to check accordingly.

1 Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority Singapore, Reg. 200700970D

Query Hotline: (0065) 62486028 Website: https://www.bizfile.gov.sg

2 authenticated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore  and Embassy of PR China(Singapore)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs hotline: (0065) 63798000

Embassy of PR China(Singapore) hotline: (0065)64793250

3 ACRA Deserved Reputation Certificate

Query Hotline: (0065) 62486028 Website: https://www.bizfile.gov.sg

4China's industrial and commercial Bureau

Website: www.wzhd.com/(input意腾)

5 Students may also call (65) 10000 (similar to 114 in China) to query the phone number of each institution.