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Work place: China, Singapore
Recruitment number: 2
Expiry date: 30/06/2011
1. familiar with asp.net or ASP, familiar with SQL SERVER2005 development websites
2. must well know XHTML, CSS, JavaScript
Sales Manager
Work place: China, Sigapore
Recruitment number: 2
Expiry date: 30/06/2011
1. Responsible for the company's marketing work,
2. actively explore the market, form the majority of customers to network;
3. recommend company's various service to customer actively and maintain a positive corporate image,
4. management of accounts receivable from customer
5. responsible for client review work, understand customers' satisfaction, timely feedback to the company about the client's opinions or Suggestions .
6. timely delivery updated information to cunstomers to understand the latest dynamic
7. establish good relationships with customers, and know the customers' needs , achieve comprehensive thorough service,
8. understand the customers' new cooperation demand of the latest information, first -hand information, strive to seize the opportunity to work with customers again.
9. build company's customer data files, and update it timely, try to be comprehensive, detailed
10. Other jobs assigned by leader.
1, bachelor degree or above, CET 6 or above, good ability which can be appropriately                                         lowered.
2, have many years of management experience and relevant studying abroad experience is preferred.
Senior web designer
Work place: China, Singapore
Recruitment number: 2
Expiry date: 30/6/2011
1. Mainly responsible for the company's web site design and project page design,
2. responsible for the company's business related part of the graphic design,
3. cooperate with other department to theme activities and marketing of page design.
1. well know Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash, Dreamweaver design software,
2. proficient in HTML, CSS + DIV skilled handwritten constructing compatible different browsers is preferred;
3. have 3 years of web design , graphic design experience (educational background not required), have portal/e-commerce company working experience is preferred,
4. Outstanding visual creation ability, good communication, coordination, comprehension,
5. a good professional quality, can bear great pressure, responsible to the work, good communication skill, team cooperation ability.
(Note: please submit the website or your works (web page or graphic design) to  admin@eistudy.com)