Singapore Pickup Service

Why us?

For those who are coming to Singapore for the first time, most of the students would not know the geographical situation, the school location, the living place and the direction to school. For such situations, 65house (www.65house.com) has come up with a special service - Singapore pick-up services, this service would solve all the problems for these students after they arrived in Singapore.

The Singapore overseas services included: arranging of a personnel to pick the students up safely from the airport to their place of residence. After which, we will provide assistance to these students for the pre-learning guidance. Our staff will then arrange the student to report to his/her school before 10am the following day, and they will just need to confirm the meeting location and time with the staff a day before . If the students face any difficulties while reporting to school, they can contact us at any time and we will provide them the relevant help. Then, we would arrange with the school for the student to take the English test and bring them for a medical check-up.

Singapore overseas after-services also includes providing assistance to students to apply for student pass at ICA (at own expense). Student pass can only be retrieved after a medical report is submitted to them. Upon receiving the medical report from the clinic, we will aid the student in getting ready the following documents. We will bring the student to ICA to collect his/her Student Pass.


Services include:

1.airport pick-up service

2.students' accommodation arrangement

3.Pre-learning guide

4.Guidance to reporting to school

5.Booking of English Test

6.Accompanying for Medical examination (at own expense)

7.Providing assistance to clients at ICA (at own expense)

8.Accompany clients to Foreign exchange to change currency

9.Accompany clients to open a bank account (minimum S$1000 at own expense)

10.Getting familiar with the environment around the school and accommodation.

Note: If you do not need the full service, you can also select the pick-up service only.

The costs for pick-up services is about S$450/2388RMB. Students whose flights are arriving at Singapore between 9pm to 8am the following day, there will be additional costs for employee overtime fees and also the late night taxi fare of S$50. For those who are travelling with the students and require pick-up services, the transportation will be at your own expense and the expenses would largely depend on the day's situation.

online booking

Our specialist is responsible for a pick up service.It’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers can choose a 4-seat or 7-seat luxury car for your family or your customer to provide a pick-up and delivery service.

After landing, you can see the driver in the hall area , holding the brand with your name on.

Singapore pick-up service fee included.

Pick up service from Singapore changgi Airport to any place of residence in Singapore.

Please choose Mercedes-Benz luxury cars or commercial vehicles to serve you

Mercedes-Benz luxury cars: Mercedes Cab (120 S$ / 630RMB)

Maxi-Benz luxury cars: Maxi Cab (180 S$ / 950RMB)

Note:2-4 people traveling together will enjoy a 20% discount,5-8 people traveling together will enjoy a 40% discount, please call customer service if you have more than 9 people.

All costs should be paid to Singapore Enlighten International within 3 days in advance. If your flight, pick up time or any other information has changed, please call our free hotline on 4007160816

If you want to book for students oversea service or pick-up service on http://www.65house.com, please make sure to submit your application to our customer service centre in zhejiang, china 5 days before you arrive in Singapore and make your payment by bank transfer to customer service centre in China., our customer service personnel will make a pick-up plan 2 days before you arrive in Singapore, and you will receive a confirmation letter.