Nowadays, more and more Chinese students want to study in Singapore,enjoy the blend of national culture. In the face of the influx of students, government of Singapore introduced the relevant regulations. It is compulsory for all overseas students below 18 years of age who is not residing with a parent to have a guardian. International students are required to provide their guardians’ particulars to the school. The guardian should be either a Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident above 21 years old, or the parent of the international student if the parent is working / staying in Singapore.

If the student's parent does not comply with the relevant provisions of the Singapore Student Guardian,you need a trust worthy of the parents of students to bear this responsibility. Ei Study offers guardian service to solve this trouble, which is divided into standard guardian service and VIP guardian service.

guardian's responsibility

1.Parents Meeting 2 times per year;

2.Quarterly academic progression report;

3.Attendance Report;

4.Classroom Behavior Report;

5.ELL Progression;

6.Proposed books to use or study according to syllabus;

7.Interview / Oral Training 4 times per year;

8.Student Academic Progress Planning and Subject/Major Selection;

9.Hobbies & Skills Arrangement;

10.Pocket Money Management.

11.Tuition Arrangement;

12.Student Counseling on Academics and Emotional Aspect;

13.Advise on CCA;

14.Summer Camp Arrangement;

15.After school activities;

16.Fees Payment Arrangement;

17.Emergency Arrangement (Sick /Applying for leave of absence);

18.Home-stay / Hostel arrangement;

19.Arrangement of medical checkup;

20.Arrangement for purchase of insurance;

21.Visa / Immigration Counseling;

22.School Bus Arrangement;

23.School Meal Arrangement.

guardian's responsibility

1.Quarterly academic progression report;

2.Attendance Report;

3.Classroom Behavior Report;


5.Student Counselling on Academics and Emotional Aspect;

6.Advise on CCA;

7.Summer Camp Arrangement;

8.After school activities;

9.Fees Payment Arrangement;

10.Emergency Arrangement (Sick /Applying for leave of absence);

11.Home-stay / Hostel arrangement;

12.Arrangement of medical checkup;

13.Arrangement for purchase of insurance;

14.Visa / Immigration Counselling;

15.School BusArrangement;

16.School Meal Arrangement.

Service Fee for VIP Guardianship
$6000 SGD/year
Service Fee for Standard Guardianship
$1500 SGD/year

A guardian acts on behalf of parents at such times as is reasonably required. primary role is to be student’s emergency contact, reliable and reachable whenever necessary.

Whilst our day-to-day activities involve student’s academic and pastoral care, our overarching role is to facilitate contact between student, parents and school. Ei Study keeps close contact with all parties, ensuring a harmonious relationship for the benefit of your child’s education and well-being.

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