Singapore Airport Pickup


We have a dedicated pick-up service that is available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers are free to choose a 4 or 7 luxury car seater that can provide a pick-up service for your family or customer.

After the plane has landed, you will be able to see the driver holding a sign in the lobby, with your name on it.

Singapore pick-up service fee included

Pick up service from Singapore zhangyi Airport and send you to any place of residence in Singapore.

1.Chrysler (S$ 150  / 800 RMB)

Chrysler brand is typical United States automobile brand that provides consumers with a unique style of car. This is specifically designed for those who want to have a different optimist design brand from others. Let your body and mind completely relax! Now, you can enjoy a short journey, lessen your pressure and enjoy the experience riding in a Chrysler.

Capacity: 4 people

Please choose Mercedes-Benz luxury cars or commercial vehicles to serve you

2.E-Class Mercedes Cab Pick-up services are charged at S$120 / 630RMB per person

The Mercedes-Benz e-class is known for its comfortable, elegance and safety. As a transport service that is often used for pick-up services from airport and transit tourism project in Singapore, there are numerous businessmen, politicians and tourists who will invariably select for their comfortable and luxurious car leather seats.

Capacity: 4 people

3.Mercedes Cab Pick-up services are charged at S$180 / 950RMB per person

Mercedes commercial vehicle (Mercedes) is Singapore's largest and most luxurious Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle, that has been preferred by visitors. Be it you are traveling or studying abroad, this is an ideal choice.

Capacity:7 people


4.Hyundai Pick-up Service is charged at S$100 / 500RMB per person

Hyudnai vehicle designs are elegant and full of personality, reflecting the aesthetics of the new ideas. With regards to the comfort, it has a bending resistance and also a resistance on torsion. Regardless of economic or other considerations, Hyundai is your good choice.

Capacity:4 people

All the costs should be paid to Ei Study (Singapore) 3 days in advance. If there are any changes with your flight details and arrival time, do contact us at Toll-free hotline (China): 086-4007160816 , or Singapore hotline: 0065-67379958

If you want to apply for the pick up services provided by 65house/65hostel, please ensure that you submit the application form to our Zhejiang, China Customer Service department 5 days before your arrival at Singapore and pay through Telegraphic transfer to our company. Our Customer Service Officer will do all the necessary arrangements two days before you arrive, and email you back the confirmation form for the pick-up service.