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Singapore hostel website(www.65house.com) is the largest,the most active web portal for living information, over 30 million customers visit our website every month. We are the first window for you to understand Singapore life, we provide the latest, The most comprehensive and the most intimate services. You can get information for each hostel, hotel's overview, photographs, priceprice etc. Through us, you can enjoy stayed indoors and understand the local authority agent information.

Singpore hostel website established in 2006 and it is under the Singapore Enlighten International Group. Hundreds of companies own the benefits through the cooperation operation strategy since its inception. This operation mode can benefit each rgardless of independent type agent or cooperation distribution type agent,through the use of the Internet to increase exposure rate and improve their customer consultation rate and increase revenue.

The company service: from the apartment consultation, application, reservation success to entry arrangement,  life consulting, apartment guidance and airport pick-up service; Airline ticket, Anterior guidance; Late tracking.
In order to expand the market share, conquers more market, improve the company's integrated advantage. Therefore, we are very welcome the relevant institutions to work together, sharing resources to achieve "win-win" cooperation! The company will give you the most favorable conditions and the broad space for development, we sincerely wish to cooperate with you successfully, please check the following:
1. cooperative purpose:
Headquarters has formed mature mechanism and model through long-term effective exploration and operation,  After the training from the headquarters,each partner will become a local life information market and the operation of the Internet market elite.
2. cooperative basis:
Singapore hostel website is the website facing the Singapore life information, is engaged in a benefit the society, also obtain reasonable and legitimate income career, so the requirements of partners must  highly recognized service/training industries, dedication and persistent mentality.
3. cooperative mode:
(1). Cooperation company must related service agencies.
(2). Preliminary review please provide the company business license, and our cooperation application form.
(3). We have to sign the temporary cooperation agreement and entered 3-6 months assessment period.
(4). Signed a long-term cooperation agreement, we will propagandize for cooperation company