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Perhaps we want to escape from domestic's pressing employment pressure, perhaps we love the foreign wonderful world, in recent years, studying abroad hasn't unabated, seems the foreign moon did more circle than domestic . Till 2008, studying abroad has became middle school students and even pupils daily topics. "Going to America or Singapore", this is not a problem, more and more people are consulting with related website for studying aborad. The Singapore study abroad website(www.eistudy.com) is the most obvious study website, over hundreds of student's patrents consulting us everyday.
Hot boom of Study abroad
Figures showed that China's study abroad's quantity  increased sharply, from the initial 3000 people per year develop up to now nearly 13 million people every year, more and more Chinese students through SAT,  TOEFL and IELTS exam to apply for study abroad. Study aboroad, is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics in 2011. Many experts warned parents to calm down, don't "jumping". But why are there still so many parents boldly choose study abroad for the children? And look from the actual situation, these parents are from all levels, such as civil servants, self-employed, foreign enterprise managers, There were no lack of social elites.
Studying abroad is not just for foreign diploma or pure foreign language ability, most parents send their children abroad wishing they can have a better learning environment, because of foreign education system is more humane. The foreign schools generally are "wide into severe out", and China's situation are at opposite poles, Students in school can actually get the most useful knowledge, and personal hobbies can be amplified to maximize. In addition, the foreign work-study programs even more colourful than China's internship, many students feeling  wonderful life constantly between studying and working .
The CEO of Singapore Enlighten International Group (www.eistudy.com) Ivan Yu emphasizes to the author: "before going abroad to consider whether yourself can really into the local cultural environment, students and parents must pay particular attention to examine the country and school cultural background, otherwise, found out it was a wrong decision after arriving will be a very troublesome thing. Each university has its own characteristics, choose the one to suit your  is very important."
Singapore is the most popular country
In recent years, the value of study abroad in Singapore gradually been unearthed, Singapore, a beautiful garden state attracts more and more Chinese students to study here. Singapore education system, the perfect rigorous education system, the public education system and the excellence of high quality education institutions and private education and globalization of education can offer more choice for Chinese students.
The geographical position of Singapore is superior, the education infrastructure improvement, annual government investment 4% of GDP in education career. Its superior education system, unique bilingual environment and safety social environment, to make it become a first place to studying-abroad . An investigation shows that 1/3 of the Chinese students study in Singapore as a springboard as Singapore can offer an opportunity to a third country for future. The investigation issues the survey to 1312 private school Chinese students in Singapore. 28% of Chinese students' main reason to study in Singapore as a "springboard", 22% of students criterion with low cost for reason. Other reasons include parents arrangement, Chinese environment and high quality of education.
Many parents of students tell the author, study abroad in Singapore also have other preferential, such as they send their child to study in Singapore study website(www.eistudy.com) with free of charge, it is a true preferential treatment. As we know, Singapore study website(www.eistudy.com) is the China's first free charge website, offer 100% and free of charge for studying abroad in Singapore  or school transfer services, can be directly apply for Singapore most of the school. Due to its high quality of follow-up service, perfect study supporting measures, so have left a good reputation in many families. Singapore study website(www.eistudy.com) has not only solve the children's study problems, but also considering their children's loneliness in foreign, provides as much of life service. In recent years, as the heat of studying abroad in Singapore rising, therefor, Singapore study website(www.eistudy.com) have expanded rapidly. Visit websites and study BBS, you could see revanlent comments about Singapore Study Website(www.eistudy.com).
The director of Singapore Enlighten International Group Ivan Yu said that the reason for the free of charge service because they are the directly representative to recruit students for school, helping schools to find suitable students, therefore, they got paid from these scholls. According to industry experts said that free of charge is a trend in the future, because students have direct dialogue with schools  is the most effective communication and most directly two-way choice.  The implementation of free agent fee service in Singapore Study website has no other attempts, or other acts of speculation, but stay in the forefront of the industry, against agencies who accept agent fee. Believe in the near future, overseas service industry will be more transparent and more professional.
10 advantages of studying Singapore
1. Studying in Singapore can complete the world famous university course and obtain the university diploma.
2. Singapore is the world's most stable country, the crime rate is the lowest in the world.
3. Singapore government support education industry, the education system same as the British education system and its diploma was approved by ministry of education. Most of schools alliance with the United States, Britain, Australia, Germany, New Zealand and other countries famous universities.
4. Singapore is a bilingual country (mandarin. English), students can take bilingual education, (the students received an English education, but can communicate in Chinese).
5. The costs(tuition fee and living cost) in Singapore is cheaper than UK, Australia and America. Students can use the minimum "investment" for maximum gain. The costs of an education and living expenses low. Year total cost only 70,000-100,000 RMB.
6. Don't need ielts and toefl certificate.
7. The "springboard" to europe and American: In Singapore, your school credits can be transferred to the European and American university, visa procedure is simple.
8. High visa success rate, usually 2-6 weeks to obtain a visa.
9. Singapore's unemployment rate is the lowest in the world and high employment opportunities, the vast room for development, Singapore has more than 600 foreign companies provide a great deal of work opportunities for the graduate students.
10. Liberal immigration policy in Singapore. The government plan to increase 200,000 green cards and 40,000 citizens between 2007-2012. ( Singapore passport holders can be dropped among 186 countries)
Study abroad has become a trend, where you will go is the key of question. Nowadays, studying abroad in Singapore has become a hot topic on the Internet, Singapore study website's consultation of parents are increasing; more and more families are look back from Europe and turn to the Singapore this beautiful city garden.