Singapore Oversea Family Homestay(EIHS003) $1600

Apartment with fitness facilities and activities.House is on the first floor, family is rare in the district with the yard, in the face of the house of the pool.The whole house has three rooms and three toilets, at most, only seven people.The geographical position is superior, the rent, but not your boarding fees.We receive private schools, government and international schools good children, men and women there is no limit, are not.

Recommendation ratings

Our homestay fee is $1600 SGD/month, one year contract.

The location of Singapore Oversea Family Homestay

Nutritional meals (Monday to Sunday)
The servant to clean the room
The servant laundry ironing
Heating/cooling + utilities, broadband fee
Move the service
Students psychological counseling
School guardianship services
Airport shuttle service
Life work and rest time
Learn to monitor and goal setting
Private school admission and transfer

Other services (extra charge)

Government school student immigration hall guarantee services
Singapore international students admission to deal with
Singapore's tourist visa application
Arrange training of after-school classes
Arrange training of after-school classes
Parents visit tourist hotel reservation registration

Surrounding colleges
Near schools And Traffic
School Bus Required time Station
Stamford American International School 15 mins 1 MRT stop
Australian International School 105 30 mins
Hillside World Academy 101 25 mins
Zhonghua Secondary School Walk 7 mins
Yangzheng Primary School Walk 8 mins
Nanyang Junior College 58, 105 25 mins
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