Mobile Service Voice Plans


Starhub Singapore, a telecommunication company has collaborate with our company - EI Holdings Pte. Ltd., Singapore. It is convenient for students who will be coming to Singapore to study or for those students who had already studied here. These students can own a mobile phone with line without having to queue. This not only save time but also avoid unnecessary problems for students. They can also sign up for a mobile line contract for Iphone 4 and wireless network.

Mobile line with contract preferential activities : S$25.68/month which comes with free incoming call, free 100 mins outgoing calls, 500 free messages, international calls can be activated one week later.

Applicable for customers :

(a) Students who are going to study in Singapore or have already studied in Singapore (no age limit)

(b) Customers holding EP, SP, WP, long term visa, etc.

Requirements :

(a) Students coming into Singapore → IPA entry visa letter, passport, rental contract (to be submitted after arriving in Singapore)

(b) Students who have already studied in Singapore → Singapore student's pass, passport, rental contract.

(c) Those holding WP, SP, EP, long term pass, investment pass → Work pass, passport, rental contract.

Conditions :

(a) The length of contract for mobile line must be at least two (2) months.

(b) Customers who sign up for the Iphone 4 contract are subject to terms and conditions by Starhub Singapore.