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VIP Guardian Proposed Service

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 It is compulsory for all overseas students below 18 years of age who is not residing with a parent to have a guardian. International students are required to provide their guardians’ particulars to the school. The guardian should be either a Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident above 21 years old, or the parent of the international student if the parent is working / staying in Singapore.

  A guardian is a person who has been chosen by a student’s parents to provide pastoral and academic care, ensuring the well-being and safety of the student whilst they are studying in the Singapore. A guardian acts on behalf of parents at such times as is reasonably required. primary role is to be student’s emergency contact, reliable and reachable whenever necessary.

  If parents are not in the Singapore, it can be difficult for schools to communicate with them. The schools needs somebody in the country who is available to act on student’s parents’ behalf – someone whom your parents trust to represent them. All staff at schools take safety very seriously. Schools need to know where you are at all times under visa regulations.

  Whilst our day-to-day activities involve student’s academic and pastoral care, our overarching role is to facilitate contact between student, parents and school. Ei Study keeps close contact with all parties, ensuring a harmonious relationship for the benefit of your child’s education and well-being.


(1) Monthly or bi-weekly academic progression report

We will monitor student’s academic progression including student’s homework, group work, quizzes, tests, to examination scores. We also provide regular analysis of student’s examination results each semester to determine if there is any significant improvement or deterioration and will report regularly to parents.

(2) Attendance Report

We will liaise with school monthly or bi-weekly and keep parents updated on whether student misses school or always late for school.

(3) Classroom Behavior

Regular monthly report on the student’s conduct during lessons, group work, and any other school activities will be provided to parents.

(4) ELL Progression

We will monitor student’s English progression in ELL class, for each aspect (Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking) and provide report regularly to parents.

(5) Tuition Arrangement

In the event student needs tuition for a certain subject, we can help to find qualified tutors or tuition centers to arrange tuition lessons for student after school.

(6) Parents Meeting 2 times per year

We will represent parent or to accompany parent as a translator to attend Parents Meeting to discuss student’s academic, behavior and students’ specific strengths and weaknesses with his/her room teacher. Parents Meeting will allow us to know which aspect the student needs to improve on.

(7) Proposed books to use or study according to syllabus

We will select relevent books or study materials which suit the student in order to help with their study planning.

(8) Interview / Oral Training 4 times per year

We will arrange interview sessions with the student quarterly with a purpose to keep track of the student’s English proficiency.

(9) Student Counseling on Academics and Emotional Aspect

We will provide academic advise to student as well as academic progression to help student to achieve their academic goals. We will conduct regular heart to heart meeting with student to manage their emotion, stress and will feedback to parents. This will also helps to improve relationship and construct better understanding between parent and child.

(10) Student Academic Progress Planning and Subject/Major Selection

Based on student’s interest, career goals, we will do a consultation with both parents and student to map out student’s future study plan and directions. We will also advice on the schools selection, major and modules to better achieve their goals.

Skills Arrangement 

(11) Advise on CCA

According to student’s hobby and passion, we will recommend CCA programmes which would be the best interest for him/her. In the event student wants to change his/her current CCA, we can help to make necessary arrangement with the teacher in charge.

(12) Hobbies & Skills Arrangement

Our counselling session will help us to know the student in depth, including his/her hobby, passions and skills. Subsequently, we can make arrangement to register the student for his/her choice of activities/programs inside or outside school.

(13) Summer Camp Arrangement

Summer camp is held annually and student is required to go on an excursion. Besides taking care of the necessary documentation requirement by the school, during summer camp, we will keep in touch with the teacher on a daily basis, and report to the parent about the well-being of student.

After School

(14) After school activities

Student might have several activities after school such as attending student meeting or student council. We will conduct checks to make sure student’s reliability as well as well-being.

Miscellaneous Service 其它服务

(15) Fees Arrangement

Inform and explain to the parent the breakdown of any required fees (Tuition Fee, School Bus/Transportation Fee, Textbooks, Uniforms, Application Fee, etc)

(16) Emergency Arrangement (Sick /Applying for leave of absence)

In the case of emergency where the student is sick or the student needs to go back to his/her home country for some family matters, we will make a report to school regarding the student’s current condition and make necessary arrangement.

(17) Home-stay / Hostel arrangement

It is compulsory for International student who is under 18 years old to live with a guardian. For this case, we can arrange a homestay for the student if parents are not in Singapore. For students above 18 years old, we will help to find accomodation according to their preferences.

(18) Arrangement of medical checkup

We will help to make medical checkup appointment anytime for student if they are feeling unwell. Some schools also required student to do medical check up before admission. In this case, we will make arrangement for student starting from finding the suitable hospital/clinic, scheduling the medical check up, following up the medical report to submitting the medical report to school.

(19) Pocket Money Management

We can issue a weekly/monthly allowance to student if student needs pocket money management. This is to prevent student from overspending.

(20) Arrangement for purchase of insurance

Other than the school insurance, we can assist student to purchase additional insurance such as Health Insurance or Life Insurance.

(21) Visa / Immigration Counselling

Assisting student and their parent to obtain VISA (Student pass, Long Term Visit Pass) and other immigration documents, starting from application to issuance. We will also plan and advice on date and duration of stay and help parent/student accordingly.

(22) School Bus Arrangement

Registering the student for school bus service and informing him/her the bus schedules, pick-up and drop-off locations.

(23) School Meal Arrangement

We will assist student to top up student’s card to make purchase of meals in school and make sure that the student has healthy meals and snacks in school. For young children, we can preorder and make arrangement of the daily meals for student.

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