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SIA set up a joint venture with Airbus flight training center. Airbus initially a joint venture with Singapore Airlines 80 million yuan to set up flight training center, and other Airbus models A350 flight training. Singapore Airlines and Airbus (Airbus) will initially be 80 million yuan joint venture , jointly set up the flight training center in Singapore. This one will be called the Airbus training center in Asia (Airbus Asia Training Centre, referred to AATC), is expected to put into operation before the end of 2014 . The two companies yesterday announced that it has signed a joint memorandum , which owns a 45 % stake in SIA will the training center , which owns the remaining 55% stake by Airbus . The two sides will also stake their initial investment 80 million yuan at the center.

AATC will be first in the SIA Training Centre near Changi Airport operation until after the Seletar Aerospace Park facility built specifically to complete before moving to the premises . It will provide A320, A330, A340, A350 and A380 Airbus models , such as flight training. Speaking on the investment objective of the SIA noted that with the economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region predicted , and the region will be a large number of new aircraft orders , demand for pilots is expected to increase significantly in the regional aviation industry . Therefore , Singapore Airlines and Airbus virtue of its high security and technology, providing quality flight training for regional airlines , thus becoming excellent Airbus training center. The new training center will also use Airbus aviation training system developed to further Singapore Airlines in addition to important commercial significance, but also will enhance Singapore's position as a leading aviation hub of Singapore Airlines pilots experienced instructors , Airbus combined expertise will ensure AATC be an excellent training. Centre to promote regional pilot training capability .

" SIA said the investment project has yet to be approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and the relevant regulatory authorities . It also pointed out that this project is not expected to bring substantial impact on the net asset value of the SIA for the fiscal year earnings per share and share. Meanwhile, Airbus yesterday at the opening ceremony for the joint establishment it Satair service center . Service Center is located Seletar Aerospace Park , a total area of ​​16,700 square meters. Airbus will become a major component in the Asia-Pacific hub for Airbus to provide year round support services. Airbus yesterday confirmed that the company has obtained Amedeo worth $ 8.3 billion ( 10.5 billion dollars) in order for the latter manufacture 20 A380 aircraft. This 20 aircraft will be delivered between 2016 and 2020 . Amedeo 's predecessor was Doric leasing company , mainly engaged in the A380 leased asset management , including airlines offer more flexible leasing solutions , has extensive experience in the management of leased A380 .

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