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HOME Award (Polytechnic)

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HOME Award (Polytechnic) HOME Award (Polytechnic) sponsors successful applicants for a 3-year full-time diploma course in the local 5 polytechnics[1]. The HOME Award is also open to existing polytechnic students as well as students who are waiting for admission to the local polytechnics. Upon graduation, successful recipients may have a choice of pursuing a career with either the Home Affairs Uniformed Services (HUS)[2] or Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). What the HOME Award offers There are 2 tiers to the Home Award (Polytechnic): a. The HOME Merit Award (Poly); b. The HOME Study Award (Poly). The HOME Merit Award (Poly) offers a. An annual allowance of S$12,000; b. Payment of tuition and compulsory fees; c. Study bonus of $1,200 per semester if the student passes all modules in that semester; d. Eligible for a grant of up to $3,600 per academic year, to undertake MHA or polytechnic-approved development programmes. The HOME Study Award (Poly) offers a. An annual allowance of S$7,800; b. Payment of tuition and compulsory fees; c. Study bonus of $1,200 per semester if the student passes all modules in that semester. Eligibility criteria Candidates for this award should meet the following requirements: a) Be a Singapore citizen; b) Have good ‘O’ Levels/Nitec/Higher Nitec results; c) Have already gained admission (or likely to secure a place) in a local polytechnic[3] and in any academic discipline; d) Be medically and physically fit (i.e. have at least a “Pass” for NAPFA) e) Have a strong interest in HT careers Number of awards There is no quota for the number of awards to be given out each year. Applicants will be considered on their own merits. Existing polytechnic students Existing polytechnic students from the 5 local polytechnics who wish to apply for the HOME Award would also be considered. However, they are required to submit their applications before the start of their final semester of study. They would also similarly receive reimbursement of up to 100% of their tuition fees and backdated monthly allowance depending on when the student signs up for the HOME Award. The graduated back-payment rates are as follows: If you sign on in: Value of Award Year 1 100% (Tuition fees & Allowances) Year 2 60% (Tuition Fees & Allowances) for Year 1 + 100% (Tuition fees & Allowances) for Year 2 & 3 Year 3 40% (Tuition Fees & Allowances) for Year 1 & 2 100% (Tuition fees & Allowances) for Year 3 Entry Rank upon Graduation Upon graduation, recipients would be appointed to the Junior Officer Scheme of Service on the prevailing entry rank and starting salary for diploma holders. Female recipients and males who have served their National Service (NS) may join a Home Team Department of their choice. Bond All recipients would be required to fulfil a bond period of 4 years. National Service Liability Male recipients who have yet to serve their NS would be recruited into the 2 Approved Uniformed Services i.e. SPF and SCDF, upon their graduation. They would be required to serve the organizations as regular officers for a period of 5 years under the Minimum Term of Engagement (MTE) in order to be deemed as having completed their NS obligations. The bond period of 4 years would run concurrently with the 5-year MTE period. For males who choose to go to either CNB, ICA or SPS instead of SPF or SCDF, they would be required to serve out their NS first before commencing their 4 year bond with the particular Home Team department of their choice. Specially for 3rd Year Polytechnic Students A 2nd Application window has been opened for all 3rd year/graduating students of all 5 local polytechnics. Recipients of this award would receive a lump-sum payment of up to $15,000.

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