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Some questions about rent house in the UK

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living in the UK a period of time,most of British students will choose to move out of the dormitory and go outside to rent a house to live.Below we organize several aspects need to pay attention to the rent who is study in the UK.I hope it can help you to find a desired house.
Several aspects should be attention who study in the UK :
1.Find the house near to the school
These houses are ususlly live students and everyone's situation is stable.it always have convenient traffic and will more secure.
2.Do not find the first landlord you met in UK .
Try to find a few more house and then can make a compare.
3.if you rent the house with the landlord who from India ,then you need to be carefully.
The contract must be formal and not a verbal agreemet.That is not to say that they are bad ,also is not to say that the british landlord is good.
4.when you go to view the house ,do not forget to ask the landlord some questions as follows:
1)is there the furniture
2)Does the rental include utilities.
3)Are the shared facilities complete (such as :cooker,washing machine,microwave ,fridge and so on)
4)Use gas heater or electric
5)Whether to sign the contract.
6)is it allowed to smoke.
7)if there is a parking place
8)Whether to cut tht grass
9)if you can hit the nail on the wall.
6.about the contract and deposit
You need to clear how long tha contract you need to sign.if you move out during the contract ,then the deposit can not be refundable.If you will rent more than one year ,i advise you can sign the contract monthly.And you need to ask what kind situation can not refund the deposit.
7.find a house agent
Most of agent will collect 50 pounds as service fee,The agent will deal it according to the regulars.so you do not worry about it .
At last ,all students study in the UK who must be remenber that the secure is the first priciple .Do not ignore the secure problems.

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