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Food in Singapore

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As an international port, Singapore is a place that blends cultures, languages and cuisines. Food in Singapore is reflective of these international influences, and includes flavors from nearby neighbors such as Malaysia and Indonesia, to influences from as far away as the United States and the Middle East. Eating in Singapore is a national past time, and the options are limitless.


Although the portions and prices of Singaporean food are much smaller when compared to western portions, the options are quite extensive. At any of the food courts, known as “hawker centers," you’re sure to find different vendors offering unique types of cuisine. A standard hawker center will have a Singapore stall with traditional hand-made sweet and savory Singapore noodles known as Char Kway Teow, Hainanese chicken rice featuring boiled chicken and flavored rice, and Hokkien Mee, a fried egg noodle dish. Singapore noodle bars, which offer rice and egg noodles, different flavor broths, and vegetable and meat add-ons, may remind you of a salad bar.

Other fixtures in Singapore’s hawker centers include Japanese food stalls offering bento boxes of terryaki chicken or fish, rice, salad and soup. “Western food,” which is an interpretation of American-style food, usually featuring french fries, fried chicken and hot dogs, can also be found in some of the hawker centers. Other favorites include Indian food and Malaysian/Indonesian cuisines. Some of the famous Malay and Indo dishes include Nasi Lemak, a dish of creamy coconut rice, alongside meat, egg and tiny salty fish. At any of the Malaysian and Indonesian stalls, you’ll find some sauces, including spicy Sambal, to accompany your meal.

Portions are about a third of a typical plate in the United States. Prices for a full meal can start as low as three dollars.

Coffee, Cafes and other

Traditional coffee shops are local favorites, and a good crowd will gather to catch up, or just pass the hours. Among the working, young professional class, “western” cafes such as Starbucks, and the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, are favorites. Other western brands available in Singapore include fast food chains such as McDonald’s, which provides a local menu featuring items such as red bean pies (instead of apple). Whether you’re craving some fast food, or just need a friendly reminder of home, Singapore has the international brands you know.

Where to Go:

It doesn’t take too much work to run into a large food court offering an array of savory dishes. Hawker centers, and smaller independent operations can be found in malls, outside any of the main MRT subway stops. Some of the more well-known eating centers include the Chomp Chomp Food Center at the Serengoon Garden. Another big one is the Lau Pat Sat Food Center off the Raffles Station MRT. The Newton Circus Food Center, on Cavenagh Road off the Newton Station MRT is a favorite for seafood lovers. Check out the fish porridge, chicken rice, BBQ seafood stalls and more. Away from the established centers, you’ll find plenty of street food options. These are usually clustered together, and are often near vendor stalls selling budget household goods and souvenirs.

Food Safety

Although the idea of a “hawker stall” may conjure up some less than savory images, keep in mind that Singapore is one of the most efficient countries when it comes to safety regulations. Restaurants, and many businesses in indoor food courts, in Singapore are regularly inspected and graded for sanitation based on a scale of A through F, with A being the best grade. Where required, these grades are prominently displayed on stickers. Street food is a bit more of a gamble, so take necessary precautions there.


As eating is a national past time in Singapore, you’ll find several hawker stalls open 24 hours a day, seven days every week. Some of the late night favorites include Hokkien Mee and Roti Pratha, an Indian pancake that is light and fluffy, and can be stuffed with your choice of filling. Satays, or meat on a stick is also a favorite among late-night snackers.

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