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living expenses in singapore

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From the survey of Mercer's cost of living in 2011, Singapore has been declared the 8th most expensive city in the World. Also Singapore is at 3rd position, after Tokyo and Osaka in the same category leaving behind Hong Kong.It is indeed a pleasurable experience to reside in the cosmopolitan city of Singapore. The government of Singapore is responsible for offering benefits to the citizens and the immigrants so as to make their stay in the city as smooth and comfortable as possible. A huge amount of foreign money has also been invested in this regard. All these have made the country a wonderful place to reside. The costs to stay in this city however also escalated. According to a report by Economic Intelligence Unit, Singapore is the 10th most expensive city in the world to reside in and among the Asian cities it is the third expensive city.

The quality of life of the people staying in this small island nation is as good as that of other developed Western cities. Due to the availability of world class infrastructure, first world environment and excellent health care facilities, this country is one of the preferred choices of the settlers. The quality of life index in Singapore is almost similar to that of England. People from all over the world are expected to flock to this country in large numbers because of fat salaries and superb services & benefits and of course low cost of commodities.

Experts are of the opinion that general price levels in the country will continue to grow as increasing number of investors and workers will flock to this nation. The mad rush of people will add to the general price level prevailing in the country. The economy of this small country is growing at a fast clip. Because of the highly competitive business, commerce, tourism and terms of trade, prices in the country are likely to soar. But, the cost of living in Singapore is still affordable. The high-paying jobs and the benefits are still abundant in the country. So, still it pays to begin residing in the country.

Before starting to live in this city, it is essentially needed to know about the living standard and the live style of this country. Cost of living in singapore is the money value of the some stipulated quantity of goods and services required for an individual to live. The goods and services include food, accommodation, fuel, clothing and many other important things. Instead of being worried about rising prices in the country, be more informed about the expenses to stay in the country and then decide your future course of action. Below here we provide you important information about the different types of costs that you have to incur while you stay at Singapore

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