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Fun to teach you how to travel in Singapore Airport Shopping

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Friends who often go abroad, the airport duty-free shopping is probably too familiar to always going back and forth a little gift to friends girlfriends, then what to buy your best buy? largest discount when you buy it? us today into Singapore's Changi International Airport duty free shops to look.

Singapore Changi Airport Duty Free

The local characteristics of a layer of fine

Singapore's history through the tunnel, rich in culture and traditions eye-opener. Shopping, in the store "three cup two" in the taste of authentic Chinese cuisine restaurant. May also request a marble seal engraving technology division, or create a colorful calligraphy.

Floor cosmetics

Brings together over 50 international brands of perfumes and cosmetics: Sisley, Christian Dior, Lanc? Me, Estée Lauder, La Prairie, Biotherm ...

Three brand-name stores

Focus on the world's most famous brand name stores ... elegant palace design will be brought back full of nobility of the past years ...

Four watches jewelry free liquor and tobacco

Creation of nature, the wonderful marble water, panoramic view of the top grade brand watches, jewelry and gorgeous luster workmanship of the leather products, the value of duty-free tobacco and alcohol ...

Two, three, four leather dress

Special Services

1. One hundred percent guaranteed Global Services

DFS duty-free shops on the sale of Universal to provide receipts for all goods and provide replacement, repair of goods, or accept the return service.

2. Free shuttle bus

In Singapore, Orchard Road shopping district Shige Shi Scottswalk the DFS Galleria to the city's major global hotel offers a convenient free shuttle between the shuttle service. 13:00 to 21:00 daily every 30 minutes between the bus trip. Required to take the shuttle bus ten minutes before the scheduled departure time to the first floor customer service counter prior registration.

3. Take a taxi to offer services

Vote by taxi to the customer service desk the day you can enjoy preferential services to take a taxi. (The maximum amount of new money $ 10DFS Global duty-free voucher)

4. Drawback

DFS duty-free shops in Singapore where the purchase of a new global currency three hundred in the departure, can be counter at Changi Airport's DFS GST tax refund. Minimum service fee charged for this service. * Some of the goods excluding the tax refund service. See details provided by the DFS GTS customer service desk reporting form.

Global DFS Galleria Singapore

Best buy limited edition package

Shopping Index: ★ ★ ★ ★

The value of a share: cosmetics, perfume.

Star brands: chanel, Estee Lauder.

Price level: Singapore than in Hong Kong in general slightly higher purchase price. However, the airport seems cheaper than the city. In addition, Changi Airport's duty free shops often carry out some promotional activities, such as buying more than three dozen Jiu Wuzhe like.

Featured services: Singapore airport is very user-friendly, in the 1st gate has a fitness center, fitness, beauty, massage, movies and even swimming can be.

Shopping environment: large and comfortable, very HAPPY, there are two terminals to provide catering services to nearly 40 booth, there are more than 100 distribution of various goods store.

Nitpicking: Changi Airport has two terminals, although you can take the free shuttle during the little train, but still feel the inconvenience.

Experience: duty-free shops, stores and restaurants and bars spread all over the great wealth of material. Cosmetics here cheaper than in Singapore, the city, but it seems no match for Hong Kong Airport, but some only in duty-free sale of Q-exclusive perfume set, skin care products are very cost-effective package, or palette. Estee Lauder bought there was a skin suit, Eye + Cream + Night Cream 1,000 succeed there is a very classic black patent leather handbag gift, come back together in Dorset to see a few can not hit 2,000 live, smiling for a long time.

Chanel said the airport in Singapore is also very cheap and worth buying. In addition to cosmetics, perfume category, time of departure from Singapore is strongly recommended to bring some alcohol to give her husband, father. Smoke mad cheap, almost everyone will carry on the two Chinese home.

And the domestic airport opposite is the price of dining at Changi Airport actually much cheaper than the urban areas, almost a small pot of seafood quality, per capita lower price than the previous day in the city, the five new coins.

Feet get tired, you can sit in a pool full of orchids, watching scenery - Singapore Airlines flight attendants get together to shop it was very seductive. Such a situation, even on weekdays not appear to trigger desire to buy things, buy a home are likely to unexpected happenings. No wonder many feel MM Changi Airport is a magical place.

Singapore has a tax rebate, bought something in the urban areas more than 50 Singapore dollars to remember to show your passport to help fill out tax refund checks, Miss salesman, found after the tax rebate into the customs counter, we should look at the purchase of in-kind to the officials, after which you can retreat to vote in the . Refund their money when the edge of Taiwan officials have asked the staff members do you want to exchange cosmetics coupon, can have a 10% discount, meaning that 100 new currency can be exchanged for 110 cosmetics coupon, but only for cosmetics shopping. But it is still very cost-effective, airport duty-free shops generally do not discount, took the equivalent of a discount coupon to the.

Singapore Airport is very cheap cosmetics, all varieties, is an ideal place to shop. Also good to buy watches, Guess watches are basically 400-500RMB to get, cheaper than domestic half.

Singapore TigerBalm is an old brand, there are many traditional Chinese herbal cream, bought a neck Tiger Shu, really well, so I went to pour over the long term had cervical spondylosis, pain relief, when a lot of paint on one o'clock. Also bought a cold cream, take a little stuffy nose when soaked in hot water absorption heat, is hardly out of the hospital quick to strong antibiotics! Two it seems that 7 new currency.

Changi Airport's environment and services are notoriously good, duty-free shops and the scale of the Hong Kong International Airport win a fight, but also often introduce attractive promotions and limited product, only one purpose: make money from your pockets obediently flow of their cash register.

If you catch up on Christmas Eve, the discount will become more favorable, but there will be other activities that are not allowed to do

While here, the price of many commodities is slightly higher than the Hong Kong airport, but wins in the unique, such as Bulgari Gem-Based Skincare Line, with an exclusive formula contains the positive energy of gemstones can enhance the brightness of the skin and tighten anti-wrinkle To, the market is not able to buy it, but at Changi Airport Terminal II have sold. There is also Asia's largest duty-free perfume and cosmetics, which sold exclusively in the makeup and skincare disc set is very worth buying.

In addition, here is not to be missed is the watch, Omega, Tissot, Swatch TAG Heuer and much lower than domestic prices, someone with 1200 yuan to buy a domestic price of 2,800 yuan Tissot, about equal in Sizhe really vomit blood out to domestic consumers.

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