Singapore Telok Kurau Student Hostel(EI024) $400-$950

East Lodge Management Pte Ltd owns and operates East Lodge Student Hostel, in quiet middle residential surroundings occupying a gross area of 17300sqm. It is just strategically situated diagonally across East Shore Hospital and Medical centre.
East lodge is carefully designed to cater for the accommodation of students. It is an alternative to the standard student accommodation in Singapore and is recognized by the Singapore Tourism Board.

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24hrs A/C with Common Bathroom


01 MONTH Contract

03 MONTH Contract



$950 X 3mth = $2850.00



$850 X 3mth = $2550.00



$650 X 3mth = $1950.00



$400 X 3mth = $1200.00

Other costs:


Required to pay a one time non-fundable booking fee $ 250.00

Terms & Conditions:-

1) All room types of accommodation fee is to be made full payment upfront of check-in.

2) The room rate is inclusive of electrical & water utilities charges.

3) The room rental is NON-REFUNDABLE upon confirmation/payment. ONLY Security Deposit is refundable.

4) We require a minimum of 07 DAYS notice prior to check-out.

5) Coin-operated Washing Machine & Dryer (7kg).

6) Any cancellation will cause a forfeiture of the reservation fee.

7) The Management reserve the right to revise the room rates without prior notice.

The location of Joo Chiat Hostel

Common pantry with cooking facilities & eating area
Common recreation room with television (TV) set
Self-Service coin-operated launderette @ $2.00 per wash / per dryer up to 7kg
Free wireless internet
Instant Hot & Cold water dispenser with snacks & drinks machine
bed complete with mattress and pillow and a set of bedlinen




Surrounding colleges
Near schools And Traffic
School Bus Required time Station
James Cook University 13,155 20 mins
Stalford Academy 13,67 30 mins
Temasek Polytechnic 28,67 30 mins
Telok Kurau Secondary School walking,15 39,24
Ngee Ann Primary School walking,13 22mins,15mins
St.Patrick's School walking,155 17mins,9mins
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1.How convenient are the hostel's surrounding amenities? Is there any Supermarket?
   It takes about 10 minutes walk to the supermarket.
2.Does the air conditioning operates 24 hours?
3.Inside the double sharing room, triple sharing room or quadruple sharing room, are there bunk beds or single beds?
   All rooms are bunk bed.
4.Normally, how many people share the public common toilet/bathroom when it is necessary?
   15 rooms sharing 8 toilet and bathrooms.
5.Does the hostel provides bed sheets, blankets, pillows, pillowcases or towels?
6.Can the rental fee be payed monthly or lump-sum payment?
   As agreement ,one-time payment.
7.Room sizes.
   Standard room -- 15 squire ;  Deluxe room --20 squire
8.Can I visit the hostel at any time? Is there any time limit for room viewing?  Can I do the room viewing during Weekends?
   An in charged hostel staff must be contacted by our consultants to make the viewing, the     detailed viewing time must be pre-arranged that respect both tenant and staff time schedule. Under normal circumstances, the viewing can be arranged for the next day, 10:00 am to 18:00. During weekends, there is no guarantee that the hostel is available for viewing, please inquiry with us first.
9.far is the nearest subway station and bus station?
  It takes about 2 minutes walk to the nearest bus station and take 5 bus stations to the nearest MRT station
10.Does the hostel provides free shuttle bus?
11.Where to eat?
   It takes about 2 minutes walk to the restaurants.
12.How male and female tenants are separated? At different levels? At different buildings?
   Females and males are separated by different levels.
13.Does the roommate can be chosen?
   Students can put forward their request .But it depends to the hostel arranges and the hostel’s occupancy conditions.
14.Is there any washing machine provided?
   Coin-operated washing machine.
15.Do the rooms have windows?
   Yes ,all rooms have windows.
16.Can I chose to not stay with Chinese?
   Students can put forward their request .But it depends to the hostel arranges and the hostel’s occupancy conditions.
17.Will the common bathroom for each floor be excessively crowded?
   No,according to personal schedule,no queuing situation.
18.Does the hostel provides laundry services?
19. Can arrange Accompany mother stay with the children?
   Yes ,the hostel can arrange.